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Manakeep 728x90
(Oct 24, 2015)
i need to get added to the guild online
(Jul 07, 2015)
How do I join the guild on xbox one?
(Jun 16, 2015)
TRADE - Anyone interested in joining a trade guild send me a message in game. I can invite.
(Jun 11, 2015)
Atherium and I have made a deal that if I don't become emperor of the blackwater blade campaign by the end of the month I will donate 5k gold to the guild :p
(Jun 11, 2015)
Please update permissions for PVP. Allow all players to claim resources. Could have done so last night.
(Jun 10, 2015)
Finnaly got in late last night and the transfer looks good. I can make training and Exploration armor sets so save your raw materials (Iron/Jute/Rawhide)
(Jun 09, 2015)
1am Login Servers still down
(Jun 08, 2015)
3 hours and ticking! !!
(Jun 08, 2015)
How many people do we have that will be playing on launch hour?
(Jun 08, 2015)
Transfer Codes have been listed all along in ESO' billing history. So look for your transfer purchase and there is the code. Mine was active and is downloading now. Not all are active yet FYI
(Jun 08, 2015)
15 hours till ESO goes live on console :D
(May 27, 2015)
UPDATE - Now research in progress will transfer with everything else.... :-)
(May 26, 2015)
This friday we will know if Trait research will just reset or is lost on transfer to Console
(May 20, 2015)
For those transferring from PC... Trair research not completed before transfer will be lost. Also Crowns will not transfer. So hold off on any new research that wont finnish in time and spend your Crowns before transfer
(Apr 06, 2015)
FYI Character Level does not accept the VR levels. Numeric only. So VR9=59? VR4=54? is there a fix?
(Mar 13, 2015)
hey guys i just pre ordered the imperial addition for xbox one. any one else pre order yet
(Jan 30, 2015)
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