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Here is where you will post your specific crafting requests to be filled out by our specialists. They will expect some sort of payment for crafting, so be sure to give them a fair wage.
List what you have, the ingredients, and what type of weapon you want. If they can make it, they can list you a price for such an item or decide their own payment.
Give them the proper name for them to send the item/s to.
You find a crafter who suits your needs. Then you read their thread and then you request the appropriate item.
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This section needs to be regimented or could get quite chaotic.

Recommend dedicated forum/thread for each craft. Forum would be better.

Need pinned threads at top of each section including...
  1. How to post a request for that trade (standard format to follow)
  2. Crafter Guild List (who can make what - link to google doc?)
  3. Find Crafting Buddy Thread (all but Alchemy & Provisioning)

The forum is to aid members in requesting services (Purchase gear to use of for training), no soliciting for sales. If you are a merchant crafter then pinned item 2 above is where your only listing is. Merchant crafters may reply to any request for service.
If you plan on leveling any crafting trades this will help. Tallowby's Crafter Aid