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Post your character's story here. Back-story and why they fight for Queen.
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In trifled sands, Ja’vano loomed across the dunes. Wandering hopelessly, Ja’avras dreamed of reaching the Niben. The water neared, and a sense of delirium filled Ja’vano like a skooma fit. Magic blessed Ja’vano no more, water was nowhere to be seen, and blessings ran thin. Ja’vano was only 14, and wanted to become a mage like his friends in the Isles. As one of the only native Khajiits, Ja’vano likes to practice magic on the Isles. Lots of Ayleid ruins and the Arteaum Academy. In the desert though, no ruins, no potions, no mentors. Just dust, sand, and the rest of the khaj. Ja’vano longed for salvation, as the desert hunted him.

As childhood crept along, many mages in Ja’vano’s class created powerful potions to cure disease, spells to enchant minds, and write with skill. Ja’vano never liked this peaceful magic. Ja’vano blew up small trees on the outskirts, and froze his mentor’s quill in the inkwell. Ja’vano likes practicality, not this “easy magic”. Ja’vano felt like outcast, but he was used to that. Ja’vano lived by himself and lived along the alleys. The Academy provided dormitories, but he lived alone in them. Ja’vano created his own name years ago. Vano in the native Ta’agra means contradict, or contradiction, as Ja’vano created many. Many moons ago, father and mother left me. Ja’vano never saw faces, as he was just a mere cub. All Ja’vano remembers is a pale face and a cart. The Arteaum has been his home ever since. Ja’vano made coin selling his potions to many caravans as he was valah epako, or family in a far place. Friends were hard to come by in the land of elves.

After years of training, Ja’vano transformed into powerful mage. Clever was Ja’vano, and earned him the title of Dor. Dor’vano created potions that other students envied. Dor’vano cast spells that protected the castle as he grew of age for draft. Dor’vano left the Arteaum to join the Dominion as Jo’vano, or the wizard. The Dominion recruited highly out of Arteaum because of its amazing track record. The very founder of the Mages Guild, Trechtus once learned there. Jo’vano respected this Trechtus highly, and even practiced out of some of his books. There were even stories around Arteaum that Trechtus had family in Arteaum, but nobody could prove it. Donning the Dominion mage robes, Jo’vano left for the frontline. As the cart swayed like the legend of Atherius, Jo’vano drew stares from the elven mages surrounding him. Rarer was a Khajiit mage than the elusive Elder Scrolls. The caravan reached a thick wall of grass and tree known as the Great Forest of Valenwood. They carried forth, undisturbed by the local Bosmer. Jo’vano felt more alone then ever out in the forests. Jo’vano always wanted to reach his homeland of Elsweyr to find his family and to discover his people.

Jo’vano disembarked along the Niben to accompany his captain. Jo’vano seemed to shrink as the elf company he was in seemed almost a foot taller than him. These elves were always so tall. A camp only a day’s walk to his homeland awaited him along Cyrodiil. The training complete, the war party settled into the transport. The road turned to sand, the air turned to heat, the trees turned into dust. Elsweyr beckoned. The elves felt uncomfortable as the mild summers and cold winters of the Isles fled into history and the scorching heat of the desert enveloped them. They arrived at the small camp to perform routine reconnaissance on a keep held by bandits. An assault was improbable as the mages were fresh out of Arteaum. Jo’vano never talked to the elves. The elves did not trust in the Khajiit as a mage, or a person. The elves grew up with privileged parents with private tutors and libraries of books. There arrogant attitude only attributed to Jo’vano separation with the recon team. On the fifth day, the bandits were spotted leaving the keep, and the elven leader wanted an agent inside the keep. Jo’vano was instantly commanded to infiltrate the keep.

It went smoothly as Jo’vano found himself inside the keep with relative ease. Jo’vano found a kitchen with a lot of food in store, a chest full of gold and stolen items, and an armory. One strange thing that Jo’vano noticed, however, the armory held no arms. Or armor. Only a small note on the anvil: “That Dominion encampment has grown. It needs to go. I will send a war party to wipe those silly mages from this realm. Take your men and weapons as there will be no negotiations.”Jo’vano stopped cold and looked out of a missing brick. A large smoke pillar wafted into the searing heat. Jo’vano headed for the castle wall, but the party met him there. Quickly, Jo’vano camouflaged himself with a simple illusion spell. Jo’vano waited for a seemingly long time as the triumphant bandits passed within feet of them. Jo’vano waited, and waited, until the mood calmed. The bandits drunk and stupid, Jo’vano made his move. He found a sleeping bandit, unconscious from ale, and quietly ended his life with a small dagger from the armory. He stowed behind a scaffold and took his robes off and placed them on the bandit. Meanwhile, he donned the patchwork armor of the bandit, and stood. The drunken crowd gave no difference to the tense Jo’vano. A draught in his hand, he made for the entrance. The moment he reached the entrance, Jo’vano bolted.

Jo’vano walked and wandered across the vast desert. Thirsty and hungered, Jo’vano hopelessly walked towards what he thought was north. Jo’vanos guess was as good as a blind rat’s. Two nights passed as Jo’vano’s whiskers bent, fur brittle, and mouth dried, Jo’vano collapsed. A blinding light met Jo’vano as he awoke. The blinding sun welcomed Jo’vano as he rose, strangely rejuvenated. A voice flowed through the breeze “I have followed you. You wandered the desert like a lost dog. I am Trelvyn Galerion. Your actions at the keep were brilliant and original”

Jo’vano replied, “Wait, You saw Jo’vano at the keep? How, Jo’vano was hidden!”

“You take me for a petty bandit? Have you no sense?” Trelvyn scolded.

The conversation continued, until Jo’vano understood. Trelvyn was an agent from the gathering calling themselves the Poisoned Blade. This society protects the Aldmeri Dominion and her interests through recon, stealth, and assassination. Trelvyn explained the foundation of the group through his ancestor Rymarius Galerion’s struggle for the truth. “The Blade has chosen you as its future leader. Your ethics and code, magical abilities, and true nature for the Guild shows the true reason why we exist.” Over the next year, Jo’vano trined in the art of leadership and stealth and began to take on a new name. One that symbolized the now matured Khajiit’s spirit and leadership. Jo’vano was known throughout his new family as Kha-jay Pelin, or the “Moon Knight”. Kha-jay led the Poisoned Blade for three years until the daedric prince Molag-Bal created not more trouble, but now the Poisoned Blade fought on two fronts. These encroaching times will test Kha-jey Pelin, as will they test the soul and sword against the forces of alliances, and the forces of the daedra.

Written and devised by Renrijra-Krin
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It was the year 2E 562 ( 20 years prior to the events happening in ESO) a young khajiit named
Qanar was born.He was born during a time of prosperity for his family, they were honest moon sugar farmers who sold there moon sugar to be put into medicine. However, when Qanar was 16his village including his family had become dangerously ill. Qanar tried to barter with alchemists in nearby villages but they refused as Qanar had nothing worthy to offer, thisled Qanar to become what he is today. On the very same day as Qanar was refused help bythe alchemist Qanar broke into his shop at the dead of night and stole many suppliesfor his village, he was silent and quick he was out of there in a matter of minutes with everything he needed for his village and most importantly his family.Everyone in the village was now cured of this illness, but the alchemist had sent guardsto all the nearby villages to find out who had committed this daring crime, the guards found Qanar as he had just finished giving the last dose of medicine to his mother.The guards took him away and branded him a new name of Dar'qanar aka theif qanar. Dar'qanar accepted this name as his own, he broke out of the prison the guards had taken him to and now roams Elsweyr looking for a new purpose, something that will puthis skills to the test.
It is now 2E 582 the war for cyrodill has begun,Dar'qanar has been searching for aguild that will not frown upon his background of thievery and will instead accepthim for what he is and put his skills to good use.Fianlly after months of searching Dar'qanar has now found a guild, The Poisoned Blade,
Dar'qanar hopes that this guild will be able to utilise his ablities to help the dominion and of course,themselves.
May you walk on warm sands- quote every Khajiit that has ever lived
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From the beautiful islands of Summerset, in 2E 335, a high elf was born into the family of Findecano nobles (The 2nd most wealthiest family in all of the Summerset Isles). Being born into a noble family Seregon was expected to learn the life style of wealth and all that came with it, but that life style didn't suit Seregon for long. Growing up he cared little about politics or the finer things in life, and took to a life of adventure and weapons training. Above anything else Seregon had the dream of becoming one of the best archers and a dual wielding experts in all of the land, since the age of 15. During his teens when he developed his dream he decided to share it with his parents, the very people he thought would praise him, but as it turned out they scorned him and replied "This family is a family of nobility not some rabble rousing family! We are well respected and looked up to by the other noble families and The Queen!" and persuaded him to take up his birthright rather than be a lonely adventurer. Little did his parents know Seregon was never truly lonely he is immensely social and easily made friends. He also enjoyes the beauty of nature such as the company of birds, deer, the scenery of forests, lakes, etc... For a time Seregon took up his birthright of nobility, and trained in secret for 7 years, until the murder of his father, mother, and youngest sister (2E 357). After the incident Seregon decided to officially take up his goal and become a legendary Dragonknight, as you could call it, in all of Summerset. The following night he left his home in search of the assassin. As of now (5 years of searching) Seregon is tracking down the murderer, and has followed the assailant all the way to the borders of Black Marsh and fought against the very Argonian in a bug infested swamp surrounded by trees so thick you couldn't tell which direction you were going or even see the sky. On the Argonian’s death bed Seregon asked why she had committed murder, but the Argonian spat at him and bleed out within minutes. In the end Seregon was left with unanswered questions and didn’t understand why anybody would murder a family that has never even felt the need for violence. Ever since that fateful night Seregon had made a personal Vendetta to annihilate all the Argonians of the Black Marsh that would cross his path. Back home in Summerset his other younger 2 siblings(Tari his sister and Melchon his brother) own the rights to the house and live in peace, for they know of Seregon’s accomplishment. In the next 221 years (2E 583) the people of Summerset find themselves creating an alliance with the Bosmer(Wood Elves) and Khajit(Natives of Elsweyr) to fight for the Ruby Throne of the empire, and Seregon has decided to shed the blood of all the enemies of the dominion. Due to the fact that 22 years ago he found out why his family had been murdered and by whom put the gold over their heads. As it turns out one of the Nordic generals (Ebonheart Pact) and Orc Chieftains (Daggerfall Covenant) had made the bounty, and had been obviously carried out by an Argonian assassin (Ebonheart Pack). Now with all out war among the races, he has another vendetta that won’t be stopped until he see’s an elven ruler sitting atop the Ruby Throne. Seregon has vowed to serve The Queen, for the elven races had caused him no pain or suffering, and to enable The Queen to restore peace and justice to the continent of Tamriel.
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