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As some of you may have not known or forgotten, we had devised a way to maximize our guilds income and storage capacity.

While playing the beta, I found that you can send items in a mailing system to pretty much anyone you know, for a small fee of gold. There is a limit to how much you can send in the mail but from what I recall, it worked in most places.

My point behind this is that when we have too much loot to hold onto for the entire party, it is encouraged to send any items you would either destroy or want sold for you sent to the guild to be held onto until you return. Any items that you sent to the guild to be sold would be sent to the guild chest to be used for guild expenses.

This also applies to resource collection as well, with our members out collecting resources for our crafters being able to send materials without much difficulty.
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EDIT: Moved to new thread topic....

If we are talking gold savings there are a few pointers to help all.

The game has built in design to bleed a player of gold but there are ways to minimize it...

Personal Revenue - The Leaky Faucet

Travel - The biggest gold suck.
Traveling while out in the wild to a distant way-shrine costs gold. The more you do it in a short period the more it costs. But travel from way-shrine to way-shrine is FREE!.

Fast Travel to Guild Mates - If at all possible fast travel to guild mates in the destination you are headed for. It is also FREE!. This feature has many benefits like after finishing a delve, and not looking forward to fighting back out, you can fast travel to a guild mate which is also Free. Or if you are in that delve with other guild mates, you can fast travel to them (even though they are standing right next to you) and you will be spawned at the delve entrance this is also Free.

Mail - Your second bank
ESO saves mail for appox 30 days and can be used as a temporary bank. Each mail allows 6 stacks to be sent. Stack size varies on item type with 1 to 200 in a stack. The mail fee is related to the cost of all the attachments. So to minimize mail fees send lower valued stacks to free up space.

This was made easy on PC due to a mail bounce addon. Xbone may never get this feature so find a bounce buddy and send in the subject ie "BOUNCE to @Tallowby - Woodworking ". When the recipient logs in they can send it back when they get on. Once they send it back to you can leave it in the mail box for up to 30 days (extra storage)

Trading - ESO needs there cut
As stated in mail above the fee to mail an item is tied to its value. So sell an item via mail there is a fee. But meeting your buyer in game and performing a 1 on 1 trade is FREE!

Trading between guild mates - To aid in establishing the guild please preform guild trades through the guild store in the bank. Yes the seller makes less but it will be helping the guild when it need it most (<-- simplest guild aid). If you want to save what ESO takes as well perform the 1 on 1 trade and make a donation to the guild bank (<-- best value to guild and member). The guild needs a merchant stall to be self sustaining.

Guild Revenue - How do we get a vendor stall?
In order to purchase a vendor stall we need over 50 accounts in the guild. Vendor stalls cost is tied to its location, better location higher cost. On NA PC server I have seen them go for as little as 200 gold up to multi million gold for 1 week access to that vendor stall.

So first order for the guild is to raise gold to be able to purchase a vendor.

Once the game starts and the guild is up we will have a store accessible from the bank (note only guild members will have access to this). I strongly recommend that no trading between members unless it is thru the bank store at this time. The small amount on each transaction will raise the capital the guild needs to buy a stall. During this time any and all donations will be welcome to get the guild up and going.

The only way to make significant gold is to have a merchant stall in a good location it will need capital to do this.

Guild Raffles - Win Win for us all
One sure fired way to raise capital is to have weekly raffles. Typically raffles have at lease 3 prizes...
1st Prize - 50/50 Gold Split - 1st place splits the gold with guild
Other Prize - Crafting Motif (blue/purple/gold)
Other Prize - Crafted Armor Set
Other Prize - Trait piece of choice
Other Prize - OPEN - Donations for prizes needed and welcomed.

In closing ALL DONATIONS are welcome to raise guild funds, a good start at launch will benefit all.
If you plan on leveling any crafting trades this will help. Tallowby's Crafter Aid