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[Pinned] Comment your GT
General Discussion

[Pinned] Comment your GT

Please include all correct spaces, caps, and numbers.Mine is The Cello Guy
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TheCelloGuy15666Member avatar small Larena Nightpool 2y
Guild Suggestions

[Pinned] Previous Guild Decision

As some of you may have not known or forgotten, we had devised a way to maximize our guilds income and storage capacity. While playing the beta, I found that you can send items in a mailing system to pretty much anyone you know, for a small fee of...
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Atherium1172173Small Tallowby 2y

[Pinned] Request Introduction

Here is where you will post your specific crafting requests to be filled out by our specialists. They will expect some sort of payment for crafting, so be sure to give them a fair wage.List what you have, the ingredients, and what type of weapon y...
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TheCelloGuy2150Small Tallowby 2y
Site Suggestions

Trade section suggestion

It would be nice if we had a trade section on the forums for buying and selling along with out guild store
Small Forevergamer87 2y
Forevergamer87091Small Forevergamer87 2y
General Discussion

Getting a good start

Greetings all...I am offering to make everyone a full set of Training/Exploration gear to aid you starting your first toon.All I ask is for you to bring raw materials (Iron Ore/Raw Jute/Rawhide Scraps) or drop raw materials in the guild bank.GT = ...
Small Tallowby 2y
Tallowby0287Small Tallowby 2y
Any Game Discussion

Launch Orientation - June 9th - Midnight?

Greetings all!Ready for some Elder Scrolls in a few hours? :DDepending on getting my transfer code today and finishing the download... If all goes well I will have an Orientation at Midnight EST for those interested.NOTE! Three Four choices you ma...
Small Tallowby 2y
Tallowby2143Small Tallowby 2y
General Discussion

Introducing Myself

Hello to everyone in The Poisoned Blades, My name is Malazeuth. Although I joined up as a Bosmer Nightblade I may reroll but i am unsure. It's nice to meet everyone, i've pre ordered the game and can't wait to get cracking in 20 days. I love Elder...
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Malazeuth6475Member avatar small Rallos Zek 2y

ESO Head

I suggest heading there and making your character. Post your results for all to see, here.
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TheCelloGuy2167Member avatar small Rallos Zek 2y
General Discussion

Guild Meeting

What time is the guild meeting tomorrow?
Member avatar small Cjshaw11 2y
Cjshaw114316Small Tallowby 2y


Tell me what weapons you'll be using. I will be using the restoration staff and bow.
Small TheCelloGuy 3y
TheCelloGuy9158Member avatar small Cjshaw11 2y


What are combinations will you be using?I will be mainly using light with a few medium; that way I will have plenty of magicka to keep my heals and buffs going strong.
Small TheCelloGuy 3y
TheCelloGuy7171Member avatar small Cjshaw11 2y
General Discussion

My best day to play

I just received my basketball schedule so my best day to reserve to game is all day Saturday and parts of sunday
Member avatar small Cjshaw11 2y
Cjshaw110150Member avatar small Cjshaw11 2y
General Discussion

Xb1 beta

Anyone get their beta key???
Small Varendyl Arterion 2y
Varendyl Arterion3230Small Varendyl Arterion 2y
General Discussion

everyones best day to play

Hey guys go ahead and post what day you normally reserve for gaming so we can have a ruff idea on what a good day to schedule events would be.Im normally free to game. Wednesday. Saturday . And Sunday.
Small t0mmy 2 gun5 2y
t0mmy 2 gun54192Member avatar small Atherium117 2y
General Discussion

Tavern Songs

Due to my boredom and random desire to compose a song about the guild I came up with this masterpiece before you.Are you ready Khajiits?Aye aye captainThis one can't hear youAYE AYE CAPTAINOOOOOOOOOOOO who lives in the dominion and stabs enemies?T...
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Atherium1174215Small t0mmy 2 gun5 2y
General Discussion

How to maximize income (GOLD)

If we are talking gold savings there are a few pointers to help all. The game has built in design to bleed a player of gold but there are ways to minimize it...Personal Revenue - The Leaky FaucetTravel - The biggest gold suck. Traveling while out ...
Small Tallowby 2y
Tallowby0144Small Tallowby 2y

Your Crafting Speciality

Reply your complete answer if you answered mixed.
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TheCelloGuy6292Small t0mmy 2 gun5 2y
General Discussion

Heraldry Poll

This is where we will submit our various ideas for our guilds heraldry. Once we have a decent number present to vote upon we will have a preliminary round to find the top ones then vote from those.So if you are going to submit a proposal here, mak...
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Atherium1174198Small t0mmy 2 gun5 2y
Any Game Discussion

Neverwinter on xbox

Anyone looking foward to Neverwinter on Xbox One? I got the chance to play the beta and had a very fun time with it :)
Small Varendyl Arterion 3y
Varendyl Arterion3129Small Varendyl Arterion 2y
General Discussion

Xbox Controller Layout

Small TheCelloGuy 2y
TheCelloGuy7386Small ShyAries 2y